Connecting the world's data to the world's game.

Introducing the Soccermetrics Connect API: Rich data and sophisticated analytics on the world's football competitions, to power Soccermetrics' research projects, applications, and website.


The Soccermetrics Connect API is a sports modeling layer on top of in-match data sources at various levels of complexity. From basic historical data to granular field- and time-stamped touch and positional data, we cover it all. Want to track matches by venue altitude, environmental conditions, or the referee? We can do that.

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Soccermetrics Connect API delivers advanced match analysis of data at all levels of the game and make it easier for end-users to create their own customized analysis tools on sports data. Averages, expected values, shot ratios, Pythagoreans, adjusted plus/minus, effective time, possessions -- it's there.



The world's game deserves to be more connected. Soccermetrics Connect API gives sports data providers the ability to make their data available to the broader soccer community in a more standardized and scalable manner, and gives developers the opportunity to access precisely the data they need.

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